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P.O. Box 110
100 W. Main, Suite 102
Eastland, Texas 76448
Phone: (254) 629-1583   Fax: (254) 629-8125

Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Closed for lunch)
Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Open during lunch)



The County Clerk is the clerk for the county courts, including probate courts, and the commissioners court. The clerk is also the recorder for the county (Tex. Const. Art. V, Sec. 20). All instruments filed for record are done so in the clerk's office. A specific and vast knowledge of all the foregoing statutes is required to conduct business in every division of the County Clerk's office. A working knowledge and understanding of the many laws and statutes of the State of Texas, as well as local rules, is necessary.

In addition to real estate records, the County Clerk office is responsible for full scale processing of assumed name certificates, DD214's military discharge, brands, bonds, agendas, plats and a vast array of other legal documents. The Vital Statistics Division brings forth another set of duties and obligations in issuing and certifying birth and death records. All marriage applications and licenses are processed in the County Clerk's Office according to the guidelines set out by statute.

  • Real Property Records

    The Texas Legislature recently amended the Property Code to provide a streamlined procedure for addressing discriminatory provisions in real property records. Although state law already declared restrictions and provisions in real property records that prohibit the use, sale or transfer of real property to a person based on race, color, religion, or national origin to be void and unenforceable, Senate Bill 30, which took effect on September 1, 2021, establishes a  process for a property owner, or another person that the owner authorizes, to request a judicial  review of specific property records to  determine whether they contain prohibited discriminatory provisions.

    The bill sets out the contents of the documents required to be submitted to the court as well as a suggested format for the court’s findings and order. Under certain circumstances, the court may issue its determination without conducting a hearing. No filing fees may be charged under the statute.

    To view the language of the bill and the format for filing with the court as well as the format for the court’s findings and order, use the link: 87(R) SB 30 - Enrolled version (texas.gov)

    For E-recording in the real estate records visit our vendors; simplifile, CSC, https://www.goepn.com/ or NTC.

  • On line index searches: 
    1870-1982 with 1912-1944 being added intermittently visit https://stage.kofilequicklinks.com/Eastland/ and January 1, 1983 through current visit https://eastlandcotx-web.tylerhost.net/web/ 
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  • County Court Records
    View probate and county court index information at idocket.com. Subscriptions are available, see idocket     website for information.
  • Nondisclosure form- http://www.txcourts.gov/

  • Office of Court Administration Reports
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  • Marriage License
    Both applicants must be present to apply for a marriage license.  A marriage license is valid for ninety (90) days from the day it is issued; however, a couple must wait seventy-two (72) hours after issuance before the license becomes valid.  A marriage license may be used anywhere in the State of Texas.
    Procedure to apply for the marriage license:
            1. Both applicants appear in person
            2. Submit original unexpired proof of identity
                (State issued Driver License, State issued Identification card or certified copy of birth certificate)
            3. Social Security card
            4. $81.00 cash
            5. Arrive in office by 4:00 PM Monday through Thursday and before 3:00 PM on Friday

    For couples taking the State-Approved Marriage Class:

            1. Procedures for applying remain the same.
            2. Original Course certificate 
  •         (must be able to be verified through the State of Texas on line by the Clerk’s Office)
            3. 72 hour waiting period is automatically waived
            4. $21.00 cash
            5. Arrive in office by 4:00 PM Monday through Thursday and before 3:00 PM on Friday
            For more information on the state approved marriage class go to www.twogetherintexas.com
  • Forms
            Birth Certificate Form
            Death Certificate Form
            Discharge Record Form
    Assumed Name Certificate
    Statement of Abandonment
            Marks & Brand Waiver
  • Fees - Effective 2024