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Commissioners Court


Left to Right: Commissioner Andy Maxwell, Commissioner James Crenshaw, County Judge David Hullum, Commissioner Ronnie Wilson, Commissioner Robert Rains

Precinct 1
Precinct 2
Precinct 3
Precinct 4
Andy Maxwell
James Crenshaw Ronnie Wilson
Robert Rains
(254) 629-1303
(254) 647-1463
(254) 643-2532
(254) 442-2160

Each county is divided into 4 Commissioner Precincts, the boundaries of which are determined by population. Each commissioner is responsible for road maintenance throughout his precinct.

The 4 Commissioners, along with the County Judge, make up the Commissioners Court. The Commissioners Court is responsible for setting the budget for all county departments and adopting a tax rate. See current tax rate information here.

The Commissioners Court is also responsible for:

  • Setting personnel policies and benefits for county employees;
  • Oversees the construction and maintenance of county roads and bridges;
  • Provides for rural ambulance and fire protection;
  • Provides for filling vacancies in elected and appointed positions;
  • Setting precinct boundaries for the Commissioners and Justices of the Peace;
  • Other duties as provided by law.