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Lake Cisco: Lake Cisco is three miles northwest of Cisco in northwestern Eastland County (at 32°26' N, 98°59' W). The lake, located on 445 acres where Sandy Creek was dammed in 1923, furnishes a water supply for Cisco. Golf and boating are also available. Lake Cisco drains an area of twenty-six square miles. It has an operating-level capacity of 8,800 acre-feet, and its flow has been supplemented since May 1956 by pumping from nearby Battle Creek. The moderately deep clay on its shores supports numerous short grasses.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: C. L. Dowell, Dams and Reservoirs in Texas: History and Descriptive Information (Texas Water Commission Bulletin 6408 [Austin, 1964]).

Information Courtesy of: "LAKE CISCO," The Handbook of Texas Online. http://tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/LL/rol24.html

Lake Leon:
Lake Leon, also known as Leon Reservoir, is formed by a dam on the Leon River five miles northeast of Eastland in Eastland County (at 32°22' N, 98°41' W). It encompasses 1,590 acres. On its shores are the Lone Cedar Country Club and the Providence Cemetery. Boating and fishing are popular pastimes on the reservoir. The spillway stands at 1,375 feet above sea level. The local deep loamy soils support a variety of tall grasses.

Information Courtesy of: "LAKE LEON," The Handbook of Texas Online. http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/LL/rol49.html

Olden Lake: Olden Lake (at 32°22' N, 98°46' W) in Eastland County covers 130 acres on the Leon River, which is dammed two miles southeast of Eastland. The lake serves the area as a major source of electrical power. Its shores provide several campgrounds. The local shallow loam soils support tall grasses and shrubs. Olden Lake stands at an elevation of 1,408 feet above sea level.

Information Courtesy of: "OLDEN LAKE," The Handbook of Texas Online. http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/OO/roo2.html



Lake Cisco Country Club: (254) 442-2725 Country Club Road, Cisco, Texas

Lone Cedar Country Club: (254) 647-3613 Country Club Road, CR 570, Ranger, Texas

Lakeside Country Golf Club: (254) 629-2892 North FM 1301, Eastland, Texas

Rolling Oaks Golf Club:  (254) 643-4563 101 CR 266, Rising Star, Texas


     La Mancha Lake Ranch: 254/647-3651, on FM 2461. Located on Lake Leon, 20 rental cottages, fully furnished, basketball, volleyball, tennis court, fishing, boating, wildlife park. Has RV hookups, store, gasoline, and bait. Cottages sleep from one to twelve. Ideal for family reunions or group gatherings.


Conrad Hilton Museum (Mobley Hotel): 309 Conrad Hilton Ave, Cisco, TX.

Eastland County Jailhouse Museum: 210 W. White, Eastland, TX. www.eastlandfoundation.com/lawEnforcement.html

Eastland County Museum & Historical Society: 112/114 S. Seaman St., Eastland, TX, 254/629-3600. www.eastlandfoundation.com/countyMuseum.html

Lela Latch Lloyd Memorial Museum: 907 W. 14th Street, Cisco, TX.

Outdoor Art Museum: Read about Eastland's Outdoor Art Museum or travel around Eastland to discover these wondrous works of art.

Roaring Ranger Oil Boom Museum: Main Street at Loop 254, Ranger, TX.

Ruth Terry Denney Library: Loop 254 West, Ranger, TX.

Alameda Cemetery-     12 miles from Eastland
Ames Cemetery-     South of Ranger on private property
Baseline Cemetery-     South of I-20 & Eastland
Bear Springs Cemetery-     4.5 miles North of Carbon
Bedford Cemetery-     North of Hwy 6 between Cisco & Eastland
Big Sandy & Hitson Cemetery-     7 miles North of Cisco on private property
Bollinger Cemetery-     7 miles Southeast of Eastland
Brewer Cemetery-     1 mile South of Merriman Cemetery in Eastland
Brown Cemetery-     5 miles South of Carbon
Bullock Cemetery-     3 miles North of Ranger
Center Point Cemetery-     4-6 miles South & East of Carbon
Central Methodist Cemetery-     0.1 miles West of Hwy 6 & CR 177, between Cisco & Eastland
Colony Cemetery-     West of Ranger
Cook Cemetery-     8 miles Southeast of Ranger
Corinth Cemetery-     0.4 miles from Corinth Baptist Church in Eastland
Cross Roads Cemetery-     Near Ranger
Curtis Cemetery-     9-10 miles Northwest of Rising Star
Dabney Family Cemetery-     Northwest of Desdemona
Davidson Cemetery-     Northeast of Desdemona
Desdemona Cemetery-     Desdemona
Ellison Springs Cemetery-     Northeast of Gorman
Elm Cemetery-     Gorman
Elm Cemetery-     Southwest of Okra
Evans Family Cemetery-     Desdemona
Evergreen Cemetery-     Ranger
Flatwood Cemetery-     5.5 miles South of Eastland
Gregg Family Cemetery-     Desdemona
Howard Cemetery-     2 miles North of Desdemona
Jewel Cemetery-     West of Gorman
Kokomo Cemetery-     7 miles East of Carbon
Lem Switch Cemetery-     Between Cisco & Eastland
Liberty Cemetery-     8 miles Northwest of Rising Star
Long Branch Cemetery-     Southwest of Carbon
Lutheran Cemetery-     South of Cisco
Lutheran Cemetery #1-     South of Cisco
Lutheran Cemetery#2-     South of Cisco
Mangum Family Cemetery-     1.5 miles North of Kokomo
McGough Cemetery-     South of Eastland, near Flatwood
Merriman Cemetery-     South of Ranger
Monroe Cemetery-     2 miles North of Nimrod
Mt. Zion Cemetery-     Eastland
Nimrod Cemetery-     Nimrod
Oakwood Cemetery-     Cisco
Pioneer Cemetery-     Pioneer
Providence Cemetery-     South of Eastland at Lake Leon
Rising Star Cemetery-     Rising Star
Sabanno Cemetery-     Across FM 206 from Sabanno
Salt Tank Cemetery-     5 miles West of Rising Star on Hwy 36
Thannisch/Morgan Cemetery-     9 miles Southwest of Gorman on private property

Source: Cemeteries of Texas

Movie Theaters:

Majestic Theatre: 254/629-2102, 108 N. Lamar, Eastland, TX. Box office information: 254/629-1322. Show Times: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at 7:30 p.m.


Cisco Public Library: (254) 442-1020,  600 Ave G, Cisco, Texas

Charlie Garrett Memorial Library: (254) 743-3301, 103 S. Fisher, Gorman, Texas

Eastland Centenial Library: (254) 629-2281, 210 S. Lamar, Eastland, Texas

Ranger Public Library: (254) 647-1880, 718 Pine St., Ranger, Texas

Ruth Terry Denny Library: (254) 647-5353, 1505 East Loop 254, Ranger, Texas

Rising Star Public Library: 209 W. College, Rising Star, Texas